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Afrique Atlantic Services is a Limited Liability Company organized under the laws of Ghana and located at Chemical House, Apowa, Takoradi, Western Region of Ghana. The company is known locally as AAS.

The company is a mining support services firm operating in West Africa and Head Quartered in Ghana with market penetration in Cote D‘Ivore, Guinea, Burkina, Mali, Liberia and Niger.

Established in 1997 the Company is primarily engaged in the business of importation and Sale of mining laboratory chemicals (consumables, Assay Flux and Reagents) that are used in the mines assay laboratories and outsourced assay laboratories and in the gold room to produce gold ore.

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AAS have, by virtue of their regulatory position, location, warehousing included bonded warehousing and relationships with mining has immediate access to the much larger mining chemicals and mining reagents market. This sector includes commodity and specialty chemicals and reagents used by the mining industry to process mined ores, the most common in the gold mining industry which is the dominant mining sector in West Africa.

The company office is located in the Western Region of Ghana near the port city of Takoradi, Ghana’s second largest port which is the hub for the mining and crude oil industry in Ghana and well located to support the operations of its clients. The Ghana office also serves as the hub for reaching clients in West Africa.

  • Business Highlights
  • The company is in full compliance with all the requisite regulatory requirements.
  • Excellent location and permitted facilities with room for expansion. The company has two EPA compliance warehouses and one of which is bonded
  • Tax Compliance.
  • EPA Compliance.
  • Holding all required permits to operate and all permit current.[/expand]

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